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I'm a little late writing this - we were there in May 2016 and 2017 and will be back the same time...”

—This is OUR Paradise! -Nittanylion63
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Posted by: on 01/17/2018

Well.. winter is here! 

While our short little winter is not very long it sure is cold!  Port Saint Joe and The Port Inn have seen some of the coldest weather I can recall over the last week or so and it is expected to continue for the next two or three weeks.  However with the cold comes the hot chocolate, the warm snuggles, and the fireplace!  With the recent remodel to our breakfast room we now have a large room with couches, chairs, and a fireplace for guests to play games or watch movies on our new 65 inch 4k tv. 

Interested in some nightlife?

The Thirsty Goat porch is equipped with propane heaters to keep things comfortable while you enjoy some music.  On nights when the cold is to much music is moved inside where guests can sit by a fireplace, enjoy a warm beverage, and listen to some great music!


So the real question is.. Why are you not here?

Port Inn, Port St. Joe, Florida