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Irma The Dastardly

Posted by: on 09/18/2017

Well that was a close one for The Port Inn and the Panhandle of Florida!

Irma, one of the worst, if not worst hurricane to ever hit the United States made a close sweep along Port Saint Joe.  For us she brought some wind and rain for a few hours.  For others she was an end to everything, houses, property, everything was gone in a flash of wind and rain.  

Where to go from here?  

For us things will go on as normal aside from a few extra bottles of water, and a few extra days off from school for the little ones.  For others it will mean rebuilding every aspect of daily life.

Moral of the story?

You never fully appreciate what you have until it is gone.  Tell someone you love them today, make a donation to someone in need, get involved and help those who need it because one day you may look on them to reciprocate in your time of need.

Our hearts and minds are with all those on the Southern Gulf of Mexico and along the east coast as they try to find a new direction in life during this trying time.

-The Port Inn

Port Inn, Port St. Joe, Florida